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Single Used Barrels
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Single Used "A" Whisky (Bourbon) Barrels



Capacity: Approximately 200 liters

Length (height): 36 inches

Diameter of head: 22 inches

Diameter at bilge: 30 inches

Weight: Approximately 120 lbs.

Steel rings: 6




We can guarantee (certify) that every barrel which we would ship would be once used freshly emptied Bourbon barrel of approximately 200 liters. These barrels are all distillery run barrels and that means that they are emptied and shipped directly from the distillery on the same day, without any pre-selection. This is the same shipping and selection method that we use for barrels throughout the world to other customers. Ultimately, that means that virtually all barrels should be refillable upon unloading and that in a container there are some barrels that are "A Plus" in their condition (actually a select barrel) and a few, (a very small percentage) that might be slightly bowed or a cracked stave and rusty hoops.